Canon MF Scan Utility Download and Install Quick Guide

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To use a printer for printing as its main function will need the right version of the driver for the printer. On the other hand, scanning is a thing that an all-in-one printer can do with specific software for that purpose. In this case, a Canon MF printer will need the specific software for the scanning known as MF Utility. It is very easy to get the Canon MF Scan Utility download from either the official Canon website or various free software providers all over the internet. It’s essential to earn certain that the software to download matches the exact type of the physical device.

The Canon MF Scan Utility is software that will provide users the feature to use all scanned outputs in any computer application. The scanned results are surely in the form of images that can then be attached to e-mails, saved to a hard drive, edited in editing software, and for many other purposes alike. Installing the software is quite simple for anyone familiar with that kind of thing. Some others may find it a bit confusing at first. Upon purchasing the physical device, there is commonly the disc containing all of the required software, though.

At some points, Canon MF Scan Utility download may be needed to do a new and fresh installation of the software. That is possible when someone bought the physical device in used condition and that the installation disc is there no more. To install the software, make sure to download it first by searching it on the internet. Make sure only to download the software from a trusted source to avoid downloading malware or viruses instead of the actual installation file for the software. One the download is done, just find the file in the download folder and start the installation.

An example of the installation or setup file for the MF Scan Utility is MFScanUtilityvV1400_EN.exe for Windows. That indicates the software is in English with the EN at the end of the file name. Just open or run the file as administrator and then just click Next before Yes and eventually Complete. It is only that simple to install the software to use the MF Scan Utility. The setup or .exe file is not a large file since it is only 14.67 MB of size. With the Canon MF Scan Utility download and install completed, scanning and organizing the results are possible.

  • Filename: MFScanUtility_V1400_EN.exe
  • File Version: V1.4.0.0
  • Size: 14.67 MB
  • Support for Operating System Windows 10/8,1/8/7/Vista (32-64bit)
  • Download

Update MF Scan Utility Ver.

  • Filename: winmfscanutilityv11000.exe
  • Version: V1.10.0.0
  • Size: 44.00 MB
  • Download

Scanner Driver & Utilities for Macintosh

The MF Scan Utility and MF Toolbox required for including scanners are likewise set up. To discover which application the printer design you’re utilizing sustains, describe the Readme submit.

  • Filename: mac-scan-v2152-00.dmg
  • File version: V2.15.2
  • Supported OS: Mac OS: 10.10.5 – 10.15.5
  • File size: 86098KB
  • Download

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