Canon MF Toolbox for Mac

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Canon is one of the famous brands. It is actually a Japanese manufacturing brand that focuses on images and optical products, such as printers, cameras, photocopiers, projectors, and many more. This corporation has been fulfilling people’s needs since 1937. Canon’s name came from a bodhisattva’s name in Buddhist, Guan Yin. However, in Japan, the bodhisattva was called by the name of Kannon. At first, it was a name for the camera product, but a year later, the company changed the name into Canon because it looks modern. Canon MF is one of Canon’s products, and to make it work properly, it needs a driver and a toolbox, such as Canon MF Toolbox 4.9. Whatever it is for Windows or Canon MF Toolbox Mac only.

Aside from Windows, Mac is also a famous operating system. It is from Apple, and it required its own drivers and toolbox. Drivers and toolbox for Windows won’t work if you install it on Mac OS. This doesn’t apply not just to Canon’s products, but other brands need different ones as well.

Canon MF Toolbox

Canon MF Toolbox Mac built and designed for Mac OS only. It is a universal toolbox for one of Canon’s laser printer products, Canon MF series.

It is a document scanner software, and moreover, it is freeware. MF Toolbox is actually a utility that can make the users be able to manage scanning and printing tasks. It does not just help you with the scanning and printing tasks, but it can also help you configure the settings for the printer and the scanner.

The interface of the MF Series Toolbox is simple. This makes the toolbox easy to use for any kind of person without problems because it is easy to manipulate it.

Where to get it

There are two places you can get the toolbox for the MF Series. One was from the disc. You can find this disc inside the box when you bought the product, while the other one can be found on Canon’s official website. You can visit the official website here to check other products and other supports too.

There are two choices based on your OS, 32 bit and 64 bit. 32 bit is for an OS that is only capable of handling 4 GB RAM, while 64 bit is for OS with more than 4 GB RAM. You are able to download the Canon MF Toolbox Mac.