Canoscan Toolbox 4.9 Windows 7

Canoscan Toolbox 4.9 Windows 7

The Canoscan toolbox 4.9 Windows 7 is the simple and easy software to be used to get your scanning works done.

What Can You Do with Canoscan Toolbox 4.9 Windows 7?

The Canoscan toolbox 4.9 Windows 7 can do various jobs. It is the best friend for your scanner and printer indeed. For the simple look user interface software, it has various menus to do the task eventually. The first helpful menus you will see after installing the software is Copy to do the copying job to the documents you need. When you want to print the documents again after it’s getting scanned, then choose Print. Next, you can mail the scans by using Mail in the menu.

Do you need to edit the documents? Don’t’ worry; as long as you scan the documents, you can choose OCR to convert the documents to text! Then, you can try editing again to the text before going to use the documents. You can save the documents using PDF as well.

It is easy, as you can see, all menus have their label on, you won’t question the function after all.

How to Scan Using Canon MF Scan Toolbox?

The Canoscan toolbox 4.9 Windows 7 can run in Windows, from Windows XP to Windows 8.1 (x64). If you are looking for canoscan toolbox windows 10, the least you need is to install the MF scan to complete the job.

After setting the film into the scanner, then you can run the program, and all the menus there will appear in front of you. Choose the menus you want and then select the scanner settings after the dialog box appears. The select source will have three options, Film, Auto mode, and Platen. The later is the default.

The scan mode option is for deciding the number of the frames you want to scan. Scan all frames is for all, and display thumbnails for selecting the frames. The image quality has three options; they are standard (150 dpi), good (300 dpi), and enlarged printing (600 dpi). The paper size will help you choose the size you want for the films. Last, click the scan buttons to have your works done.

If you choose to display thumbnails, there will be frames that appear to be selected; you just need to click next after selecting them.

That’s the information on Canoscan toolbox 4.9 Windows 7. Don’t forget to put back the protective sheet to have your documents covered



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Canoscan Toolbox 4.9 Windows 7

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