Canon MF Scan Utility

Things to Know about Canon MF Scan Utility

Having an MF series printer from Canon requires you to download and install the Canon MF Scan Utility before scanning documents. Just like any other driver, it is required so your printer and scanner units can do their jobs. In this article, we will discuss things to know about the Canon MF scanner driver. Before buying a scanner unit and install the driver, make sure your system is compatible.

About the MF Scan Utility and MF Driver

Canon MF Scan UtilityDuring installations, you will see a few icons that represent each different function. Installing the MF driver allows you to scan, print, and send faxes by using a device. At some point, you need to install other software depending on the device you have. Check the manual to find out the software detail.

After installing the driver, you will see several icons. A printer icon with “Canon” on its title means you can use the device for printing while the same icon with the “FAX” at the end of the title enables the faxing feature through the device. A scanner icon means that you can scan documents through the device. Meanwhile, the Canon MF scan utility icon allows the device to read a scanned image into a program, put it into an email, and save it in a hard drive.

The device commonly comes with a DVD-ROM to install the driver. You can use it or simply use the MF network scan utility download that is available on the internet. Checking the official site of Canon is much safer yet allows you to get the latest version.

Check before use

After downloading the Canon MF scan utility windows 10 from the official website, make sure you read this part first. The functions may vary and those depend on the device, the device’s firmware version, the options structure, the version of the driver, and the computer environment. Thus, downloading the one that suits your computer environment is a must.

The installation

As we have mentioned earlier, your device may come with an instruction paper and a DVD-ROM. The Canon MF scan utility windows 7 is available on the disc. When the disc loads, you will see a few options on the screen. You can pick between the easy installation (which comes with standard features) and custom installation.

Meanwhile, if you go with the canon of scanner driver from the website, you may get the latest and newest version. Sometimes the version comes with the DVD-ROM is not compatible anymore with your computer.

The good news is that you can install through online installation and offline downloader. Meanwhile, your computer is in an IPv6 environment, make sure the installation is done through a WSD port.

System compatibility

Before installing the driver, check out if your computer has met the system requirements in the first place. The Canon MF Scan Utility driver can be installed on Windows Vista/7/8/8.1/10. Depending on the device you are using, printer and fax drivers may not be supplied. Your country or region may also affect regulation.

We will remind you that the latest version of drivers and system requirements are always updated on the Canon official website. In case you need the Canon MF scan utility mac and couldn’t find the driver all over the internet, the official website may have the solution. Also, feel free to follow the canon community where you can find a lot of valuable information.

How to download MF Scan Utility

As we have mentioned earlier, your device may not come with a DVD-ROM to install the driver. Thus, you need to download the driver from the internet, preferably from the official website of Canon. Without installing this driver, your device wouldn’t be able to scan printed documents along with other similar functionalities. But, how can I download the driver?

The Canon MF scan utility download is available for free on the Canon official website. Once you go to the official website or you can find the “Download” link. After the download is finished, check the ZIP file and extract anything inside the folder to a new folder. Find the “SETUP.EXE” and you can carry on through the process. Once the installation of the Canon MF scan utility, you can run a test drive.

Canon MF210 series

The Canon network scan utility download allows you to install the driver of your device without using a DVD-ROM. Also, it can be faster and more updated since the official website always gives new things to the customers.

Talking about the Canon MF series, the MF210 has been around for years and considered a classic item. If you download the Canon MF 210 driver, you more likely be able to install the driver for all MF 210 series.

This device is great for text and graphics printing along with scanning and copying at a fast speed. The image quality is also quite high while the cost per page is low. However, some people reported the kludgy possibility on its touch screen. Other than that, there is no physical button that might confuse some users.

Still, this unit is affordable and fast without sacrificing quality. You might still catch the canon mf210 series driver on Canon’s official website. Other classic options you may want to check is the Canon MF 4700 driver. This all-in-one printer series has been getting upgraded and the newest one may fulfill your needs.

How to choose the best all-in-one printer

Before buying a new printer that can tackle so many tasks may need your thorough consideration. Determining your budget could be a good starter. It will narrow your options and ease the process of choosing the best one.

After that, define the printer style that will fit your needs and your budget. Printing colorful pictures and documents is best with inkjet printers. On the other hand, texts and other document needs would look highly professional with laser printers. These printers also come with a lowers cost per page. The scanning and faxing ability will follow the features of the printer device. And this is the end section of Canon MF Scan Utility.



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Things to Know about Canon MF Scan Utility

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