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All You Need to Know about MF Scan Utility Download

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It is a common thing for computer hardware such as a printer to be accompanied by software to run its functions such as the MF Scan Utility download and install. Canon printers always come with a set of drivers to ensure the best functionality of the hardware. The complete package includes all drivers for the additional feature of the printer. For example, the Canon MF4700 driver package will include its printing driver as well as the scan driver for it to do scanning and manage the scanned files.

The Details of the Software

The Canon MF4700 Scanner Driver is available for both 32bit and 64bit versions of Windows. The latest version was updated on March 23rd, 2020. The software is needed to use all of the scanned images in any computer application. Saving the scanned images to a hard disk and attaching the scanned images to email are amidst the things to do by using this software. Without the software, the scanned images cannot be processed for further needs and purposes.

Canon MF4700 Scanner Driver download is available on the official website of Canon regardless of the respective region of the hardware. It is available for an array of Windows that include Windows 7, Windows 7 x64, Windows 8.1, Windows 8.1 x64, Windows 10, and Windows 10 x64. The file to download is named winmfscanutilityv11000.exe, which is 45 MB in size. The file to download is in a compressed file format that needs to be extracted first before proceeding to the installation.

The Download and Install

It is important to always find the software from the same region as the purchased hardware, though. Sometimes there are some differences in terms of the software when the download is not from the same region as the hardware. More importantly, downloading from the same region will be easier due to the use of the same language in that region. The Canon MF Network Scan Utility Download is very simple once the specified file is found on the official website.

Clicking Run on the download window of the file will not save the file. It will just download and install the software immediately. On the other hand, clicking Save will allow the file to be saved to a specific location in the hard disk. It is better to click Save so that there will be the file of Canon MF4400 Scanner Driver to use in the future whenever needed without the need to download it anymore. Just click Save and then choose a specific location for the file to store after the download.

The downloaded file will be in a compressed format that is self-extracting. Simply double-click the downloaded file to start extracting it to the installable format of .exe. There will be a folder once the decompression is done with the SETUP.exe file inside the folder. Double-click or right-click and Run as Administrator to start the quick installation of the software. Wait for the installation process to finish, and the MF Scan Utility Windows 10 is ready to use as in other versions of Windows as well.

The Network Scanning Feature

One of the best features of the software is the so-called Canon MF Network Scan Utility that allows users to operate and do the scanning over the network connection. To do that, the scanned will need to be registered in the software first. This feature is available for up to 10 computers at the same time to use the features of the software. If there is another computer to be added to the scanner, one of the 10 previously registered computers need to be deleted from the utility software first.

Registering the computer to use the MF Network Scan Utility functionality is very easy and simple. Open the software and just click on the Task Tray. Select the checkbox for the scanner device and then just click OK. If the registered computers in the scanner are not 10 already, the new computer will then be registered to use the network scanning functionality. This function is a helpful function for an office where a lot of people need the device at the same time.

Performing the Scanning

Once the Canon MF4700 Driver Windows 10 is installed properly, scanning any document or file is easy. Run the utility software by clicking the MF Scan Utility inside the Canon Folder of the Start menu. The main screen of the software will be displayed in which the selection of the device to use will have to be made. Click Settings to configure specific settings regarding the documents or files to scan. Click Scan to start the scanning and wait for the results.

It is important to choose detailed settings for specific documents to get the best-scanned results in the end. Texts and diagrams are all possible to scan using the software. The Settings menu allows users to specify the directory for the scanned results to be saved as well for later use of them. Duplex scanning is also possible with the need to check the Scan both sides when scanning from the feeder menu. Once the scanning is done, check the previously specified folder to find the scanned results.


The Canon Network Scan Utility Windows 10 will always work properly when all of the requirements are there. Whenever there are troubles with the hardware or software, it is better to check the troubleshooting section of the official website for the best possible solutions. If the software cannot be started and functioned all of a sudden, reinstalling the software is always recommended to basically restart everything to the original state of the software.

Staying to the old version of the software is sometimes a good option. It happens that some people experience difficulties in using newly updated software either because of the troubled software or the newly added features to the software. It is also recommended to do the MF Scan Utility download to get different versions of the software for backup whenever needed



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All You Need to Know about MF Scan Utility Download

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